Completed questions showing up incorrectly

This seems like a confusing question but hopefully it makes some sense. :slight_smile:

I’m have two issues with questions once an assesment has been completed once put on an LMS. I’m currently testing in Scorm Cloud. It works fine in the preview.

Issue 1: If i revisit the page having scored 100% some questions types show icons suggesting the completion state (correct or incorrect). I.e Matching question and card drop. However MCQ’s and sorting questions are just disabled with no icon.

Issue 2: If i score 100% i.e get every question correct and revisit the assesment, the questions are disabled. However the questions that show an indication of the completion state (matching and card drop) are showing an incorrect answer with and X — the card drop shows a score of 0/5

This also happens in non assement questions with the excepetion that if they are incorrect they can be answered again. If they answered correctly there is the same ambiguity to what has happened as above.

For example if a learner works through a course and fails, then leaves the course and then revisits at a later date the some of the correct questions are disabled but there are no icons saying whether they were answered correctly and some are marked as incorrect which could be confusing for the learner!

Apolgies for the long winded explanation but my questions are:

1. Is it possible to add icons to these completeted but disabled elements such as MCQ/sorting etc to indicate they are correct?

2. is it possible to also show the feedback related to the correctly answered question?

3. whether i can changed the completeed questions which were answered correctly (and have the ability to show the ticks and crosses) to show the answers given. — It’s quite confusing to revist the questions and see everything marked incorrectly despite having answered correctly.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! :smiley: