Set an assessment score to only improve


Is it possible to set an assessment to only set the score in the LMS if it is an improvement to the previous score?

I cannot find how to do this.

This is how it’s working for me at the moment. If the passmark is 80% and I close the course, the score is set in the LMS as 80% and the course is marked as complete.

If I reopen the course and retry the assessment and get a lower score. The LMS retains the completion status (which I want to happen), but the lower score is set. Let’s say 60%.

Can I stop the lower score from being set?

Thank you.

Hi Barry,

I seem to remember when I looked at this in Moodle there was an option to have “Highest Score” recorded or “Latest Score” while still recording all attempts so you would want to go for the highest option rather than latest. I’m afraid Evolve can only send the actual score and does not have any info from the LMS about what the last score was.

Hopefully your LMS provider can help you find a setting similar to the one Moodle had!


Hi Helen,

Thanks for this. I said the same and we’re looking into it.

Cheers :grin: