Can Evolve send data to the LMS to report which quiz a learner has passed?

If you had a course with 2 assessments. Do you know if we can tell the LMS if a learner has passed assessment 1 or 2?

For context, we want a course with a pre-assessment and a post-assessment. We would like to know who passed the pre and who passed the post. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

I’m afraid not, SCORM only allows for one score per course to be recorded. It’s the sort of thing you might be able to do using ‘learning objectives’ but unfortunately they’re not well-supported at either LMS level or - to the best of my knowledge - by any e-learning content creation software.

The only thing I can think of is to do something with Logic’s ‘Set Course Score’ action to somehow send score/max score to the LMS in such a way that allows you to identify which of the two assessments was passed? I’m thinking along the lines of having the questions in the post-assessment being worth twice as many ‘points’ as those in the pre-assessment so you’d know if someone passed with a very high score it must be because they’ve done so using the post assessment…

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