Using Logic to send Score to LMS

Does Evolve have the capability of sending a score to the LMS using Logic and not the assessment extension? I created a trigger to “Set Course Score”, however, I have not found a way to pass the score along. In the course the variable score changes based on the Learner’s responses to variable components, not including MCQ components used in an assessment. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Hi Robin!

Kind of - you can pass the score in a variable into the LMS’s suspend data, but it is then not very easy to query this in the usual way to get your score out. It will be visible, but probably not reportable.


This might help (click the link below to see another thread)…

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Hi. I’m very interested to see if anyone has been successful. I also have tried multiple times to find a solution and have been unsuccessful in passing any information besides the assessment score to the LMS. Let’s hope we have some one out there with the answer.

Hi Robin did you read all of nick’s thread above? THe solution is in there…

Thank you. Yes, I reviewed Nick’s thread and changing the setting to Logic Completion did not resolve my issue. So far, unless the assessment extension is used, I have not been able to pass a Course Score to our LMS.

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