Branching in a course, then being able to report which branch a learner completed in the LMS

I know branching inside an Evolve course can be accomplished using a number of different component types. To extend this functionality, a client wants to be able to pull a report from the LMS and know which branch inside the course each learner completed.

Use case: Each learner reports into one of three organizations. On the first page of the course, the learner selects his/her organization name. The organization title is saved in a string variable and the matching organization’s content page is displayed. At the end of that content page, the learner clicks a button that triggers course completion.

Q1: Can that string variable with the organization title be sent to the LMS (either using SCORM 2004 or xAPI) and stored in the learner’s course completion data?

Q2: Can that string variable then be used to report which organization’s branch each learner completed?

Note: We’re using Workday for our LMS.

I’d appreciate any help with thinking this through. We’re trying to use a single course for employees in 3 different organizations, each of which is required to complete slightly different versions of the course content.

Hi Cindy!

Yes, using Logic and Variables you can create a very customised course like you propose.

As for passing that data to and from the LMS well yes, there is a setting to bring in data from an LMS if the organisation is one of them then can be detected.

FOr sending out that is very much dependant on the LMS you use, and the suspend data it can receive. xAPI is a possibility - I’m trying to get some clarification on that for you.

Please see Advanced Features : Intellum for more on Logic and Variables.

Oh and also we have a webinar on Logic coming up on the 1st of June which you may find useful - I will add details of this in a post once the link is live.

Thank you very much, Helen! I have a few people here who might like to attend your webinar…if you’re opening it up to others. We’ve been using logic with triggers and variables for about 6-8 months now.

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Yes it will be available to everyone!