Completion Score to LMS for Links Component

Hi there,

Apologies if this has been answered already - I am using the links component regularly in my courses to store our company policies, which require tracking for each individual policy. I have enabled the interaction label for each link to say ‘complete’ once the item has been clicked on.

I need the course to report back to my LMS if the user has completed a particular policy. At the moment, my reports are only showing if the user has completed the Evolve course as a whole - but I will need a report to indicate when these individual components have been completed.

I am not quite sure how to do this, is this something that can be achieved by using logic/variables?

Hi @olivianoctor , first guess would be:
-enable the course attainment extension
-set up each policy as a separate links component
-set completion in the extension to be set by completing each of the required links components.

If you have additional components that require completion, you can of course add those to the Attainment extension. Don’t forget to set Course Settings > Behaviour to ‘Course Completion’. Hope this helps!

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your response. I just tried those steps and I don’t think it worked unfortunately. It sent a score to the LMS to say I had passed, but again this was for the evolve page as a whole and not for an individual policy.

Is this what I was meant to do?

If you have any other suggestions I’d be hugely grateful!

Ah apologies - I think I misunderstood slightly. I don’t think you can have that level of granular detail in a SCORM 1.2 publish (telling you each individual policy has been completed, presuming that’s what you are publishing to.) - but with the set up you have there, the course won’t set as complete unless every component in that list has been clicked - so if a user has completed the course in the LMS, they will have clicked on each link.

Another thing to consider could is only revealing the next policy after you have clicked the previous one - so when the user gets to the end of the course, you know each one has been clicked.


Hi @olivianoctor

I need the course to report back to my LMS if the user has completed a particular policy.

The correct way to do something like that would be to use SCORM’s ‘Learning Objectives’- unfortunately this is a feature of SCORM that is not well supported either at LMS level or by authoring tools (in fact in 20 years of working with SCORM I think I’ve only seen this feature used a couple of times).

@Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA 's suggestion is probably the easiest; alternatively you could do something like assign a numeric value to each Links component using Logic then have that accumulate and sent to the LMS as the course score to give you an indication of how many policies have been completed.

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Hi Matt,

Thank you both for your response - I have been looking at adding a score through Logic, however I am unsure if I am doing this right. I can’t get the score to pick up on more than one link.

For example, I have a course with 7 procedures (links), but in most situations the user will only have to read a couple at a time. At the moment, it is only picking up on the value of the last procedure that was clicked on. So if they clicked on 2 procedures, the score will only reflect the value of the second one.

I have numbered them from 1-7, and added values to be the equivalent of the numbering (e.g procedure 1 has a value of 1, procedure 4 has a value of 4). If they read procedure 1 and 4, I want the score to be 5; so that it reports that both of those have been read.

The user also needs to be able to go back in at different times and increase their score as and when they read new procedures. In the image below, have I structured this wrong, or have I done the numbering wrong?

You need to change it so that, instead of sending the score to the LMS immediately, it adds it to a Logic Variable via the Increase Variable by Value action.

You can then duplicate that trigger and amend the behaviour for the next Links component(s)

Finally, create one last trigger that fires when ANY of those Links components has been completed - that’s the one you’ll use to send the score variable to the LMS. And you’ll need add a delay to it so that it has time to process the ‘change variable value’ trigger for that component before the score is sent.

Oh, and if you want the Learner to be able to go back in to the course later and increase their score, you’ll also need to select ‘Use Advanced Tracking’ in the SCORM settings so that the Logic data is stored on the LMS between sessions. Bear in mind, however, that this does increase the amount of tracking data stored… if you’re publishing to SCORM 2004 this won’t be a problem but if you can only use SCORM 1.2 you might have to check it doesn’t cause the course to exceed the rather paltry 4KB of storage that many LMS’s allocate to SCORM 1.2 content…

Hope that helps!