Send Course Progress Information to LMS - not only questions

I would like to get user information in our LMS about the progress of our students.
As I see I get from the extension Course Assessment a % information. Only questions will be considered. However, I would like to know in general how much of the course has been completed. This includes, for example, watching videos.
Is there a way to do this?

Hello Pablo,

That very much depends on the LMS you use.

xAPI publishing will give you more information than SCORM, but SCORM will only tend to give you course progress, assessment score and a completion state.You will see Course Progress only if you use the Bookmarking extension.

The Intellum Platform records and reports on every single component - videos watched, answers given, time spent, pretty much everything.

Do you know what is supported by Moodle @hbailey ?

I just added Bookmarking extension. The gradebook stays at 0 %. Do I need to pay attention to other things or does it need any further configuration?

xAPI is something I need to look into further. It is still unclear to me how I could host xapi files in Moodle.

With my limited memory of Moodle - the grade book is for assessments only, not for completion?

Have you taken the course and completed some items, then left it and gone back in again? Are the things you completed still complete? Is bookmarking prompting you to continue where you left off?

I get from another authoring tool progress % in the grade book from completion including videos.

Yes I completed some, left and gone back in again. The things are still complete. Bookmarking is prompting me where I left off.

So Evolve is working as it should. There is no data about videos (or other components) passed into Moodle from SCORM, only completion % and status, plus completion progress.

I’d need to see it in action to be certain but it sounds to me like this other authoring tool is taking the course progress as a percentage and passing that to the SCORM ‘score’ field. That is not something Evolve supports as it’s very much non-standard usage of that field.

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Dear @Matt_Leathes
Thank you so much for the explanation.
What do you think is the best way to see in Moodle how much % someone has completed of the course?

I don’t know TBH, in SCORM 2004 there is a data field called cmi.progress_measure which I think was added to allow for this but I don’t know if Moodle would do anything with that data - and Evolve doesn’t use it (SCORM 1.2 is still the most widely-used format so we generally focus only on supporting features common to both SCORM versions)

All – not sure if this is do’able, but if the progress information doesn’t need to be in the LMS but just sent somewhere, could a course track progress with page and activity variables and then collect this information on a page (similar to reflection questions) to ‘submit’ or ‘email’ ? Not ideal, but progress could be aggregated externally in a workbook, MS Form or other tool.

But yes, with xAPI statements, you could pass virtually anything to an LRS, but not sure if the Evolve beta supports anything other than the baked in default actor statements for the course. You’d have to be able to add the json statements to each page or activity you want to track.

Out of interest, what does the logic action ‘set course progress’ do?

The trigger is grouped with other SCORM actions like send score and set pass/fail so I would have assumed it was also sending progress based the variable you specify…

Hi @Ruppers - we have an article explaining those actions here -

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Hi @hbailey, we are using the intellum platform, aand we are really interested on how we can get the kind of report you are referencing, as there are times that we are getting complains from people stating that they are not getting their completion recorded and this would be really helpful for us to identify if there is any issue on a particular component of the Evolve training. What kind of report we should look at in Intellum for getting this detail?