How to send score to LMS

Hi there,

Im running into an issue when exporting a course that the score is not being sent to the LMS. Im testing in SCORM cloud and on completion of the course it shows in the results that the course is ‘Complete’ and the ‘Success’ is ‘Passed’ but under ‘Score’ it says ‘Unknown’.

I’ve enabled Points in the Achievements Extension and specified specific components to have a single point awarded but no luck.

Am I missing something?

Hello @darkcurv - are you using Points in combination with the Course Attainment extension? Setting Course Attainment to “Points” should be what you’re after.

Hi there, thanks for replying. I also contacted support about this which help resolved the issue. I’d already tried the Attainment option but that still didnt give a score on completing and closing the course, but in the end, and based on advice from support, I managed to achieve what I was looking for by using the Achievements extension and choosing a different publish option so all good now. Thanks as always for such rapid response.

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Hi @darkcurv,
Could you please share how exactly you solved the problem.
I guess I am not the only one who would be interested to know .

Hi there,

So the main process that I used was as below (note: for ease this is the main actions rather than the additional tweaks to functionality that is available in the extensions used).

First I set the Achievements extension to ‘On’ and inside I chose to enable points as a means of generating a score. I then ensured the components (questions) that I wanted to be scored were set via the button at the bottom of the points options.

I then turned on Course Assessment Extension and made sure in the ‘behaviour’ tab that questions were enabled. In my case I wanted only specific questions recorded so I picked which ones under the Assessment Questions section.

One thing to note, I found that by turning on Disable Course Assessment Completed Dialog that no score was being sent to the LMS on completion. Its a window that pops up once the last question required for the Course Assessment is done. I still had content for the user after the questions and was worried that by having the pop up saying “Assessment Completed” theyd think the course was complete. Due to the issue of no score being recorded though I had have it pop up but instead adjusted the text to advise that there was more content to view. Something to bear in mind.

Thats it really. The only other option you need to make sure of is in the Publish option. In order for the LMS to see that the course is complete and get the score you need to set the course status option to Course Completion & Assessment Completion

Hope that helps

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Hi @darkurv

Thank you very much. This explaines why I didn’t manage to solve it by myself. The important information to me is: It only works for questions.