Reset End Assessment via LMS (xAPI)


Looking for any help or guidance, we are looking to be able to reset the end assessment only via our LMS for xAPI courses.

Does anyone have any information on how we can do this, we already have it set up to reset the whole course but we want to give the option of the end assessment questions only and hoping there is a way to do this via the xAPI data.

We dont use the reset option in Evolve because we need the courses to reset based on triggers set in the LMS either by date or via a users manager. So the option in Evolve to allow the user to reset isnt a option.

Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t think this will be possible as it would require the LMS to have knowledge of how Evolve formats the ‘course state’ within Evolve so as to be able to modify it.

Perhaps you could separate out the assessment from the main course?