xAPI record course/session time

Hi, wondering if any one can help, we are building course in Evolve and publishing out as xAPI to our own LMS.

But there isnt any course/session time being recorded from the published course.

I have looked for information on this and through settings in Evolve but cant find anything.

Can any one help with this as we want to report on how long a user is spending on a course?


Hi @RobynCPL from what I can infer from this blog post this seems to be quite a common issue in xAPI.

Diving into the code it does indeed look as it Evolve might only send the ‘session time’ at the point of course completion, which obviously isn’t great if the learner completes the course in multiple ‘sessions’…

To date we haven’t really had that many customers using xAPI - so the xAPI functionality in Evolve hasn’t really had much attention since it was first released. However more and more customers have expressed an interest in using xAPI so we are looking to improve upon it in the coming year.

@Matt_Leathes Can you clarify something on the xAPI functionality. Without something in the interface for authors to create statements (actor, verb object) what would Evolve pass to an LRS about the course? I’d always assumed that the xAPI publishing option was a stub until additional elements were added for your authors to indicate where they wanted events to be captured. Thanks

I think it just sends an statement whenever a component is completed and when you complete/pass the course.