Improve the xAPI publishing method to output more detailed interaction data


Within our organisation we use Evolve alongside several other authoring tools. We would like to use it as our primary tool, but have to rely on using other tools when we have customer requirements around diving into learner response data.

For the xAPI publishing method, the xAPI statements that are produced by Evolve provide some basic bits of information about the question, but does not provide the minimum required amount of information of what the learner has actually answered. With a little more information added in to the statements, it would unlock a great deal of value.

It is my understanding that the Exceed publishing method can provide this information if the content is uploaded to Intellum, but as our customers all have their own LMS systems already in place this is not an option.

Are there any active plans in the roadmap for enhancing the xAPI data to include more information around the learner’s responses?

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I would also be very interested in the response to this question.

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Absolutely interested in a response and next steps on this matter

This would be something my team would be very interested in as well.