No interaction tracking / interaction ID?

Hi community,

I need some help tracking my assessment results.
I build a course containing an assessment and tried running it in our LMS. The course correctly sends a passed/failed status, but I am unable to track individual questions via interaction id (eg. tracking how often a single quesion of the assessment was answered right, what type of interaction, …).

I’ve tried running the course in Scorm Cloud, but I don’t get any interactions shown there as well.

Can someone please explain how top set up tracking / assessment in Evolve (Scorm 1.2) to be able to track interactions?

I’m on a tight schedule, so any help is appreciated.

Hello Ina,

I’m afraid individual interaction tracking is not possible in Evolve using SCORM 1.2, this is only available with the Bloom and Exceed (Intellum) Platforms and no other LMS.

Hi Helen,

thanks for your reply.
Meanwhile I’ve also tried using xAPI, but same results: no individual interaction tracking.

Do you have any plans for adding this in the near future?
Unfortunately we won’t be able to use Evolve in the long run if we can’t get the data we want from Evolve’s SCORM packages.

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Hi @hbailey

We are in the same situation, is this on Evolve roadmap at all for other LMS? we have been using Evolve for years and love the tool but are getting more and more pressure to provide interaction data for evaluation.


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