Moodle reports displaying nothing

Hi All,

We’re having an issue that when a user completes a course (created on Evolve) on Moodle the report doesn’t display any information except course completion status and total time it took to complete.

Information such as the questions title, when the course started/ended (time/date), attempts and which answer the user selected is not available. I wanted to know is this due to the limitation of the reporting on Moodle or can this be due to my settings on Evolve?

The screenshot above shows the report on Moodle LMS. It doesn’t show anything useful and the interaction page displaying nothing.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get more information from the reports?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


In my experience Evolve has never passed this to Moodle - I queried it a while ago and the answer came back that it is too much data for SCORM to handle, however they mistakenly believed it was a limit for the whole scorm statement and not per item. Adapt is able to pass the individual question names and their responses back to SCORM so I don’t know why this issue hasn’t been addressed yet, it;s a key thing that is required for learner interaction information!!

Has anyone managed to get interaction data from an Evolve SCORM package since this was raised?

Hello Shelly16,

No this situation has not changed recently, however work is being done on the data that goes between Evolve and the Intellum platform for pulling out more data so there may be a chance this could role out to SCORM based content in the coming months.

I am pushing for it, believe me!!

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Thank you so much for the reply Helen, I have fingers crossed this will be the case.

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