Scorm 2004 output

Has anyone managed to get question level data from an evolve course published in SCORM 2004?

I just tried this, but we use Moodle and Moodle doesn’t support SCORM 2004.

I know that it is possible with SCORM 1.2 to see interaction details but Evolve doesn’t seem to have implemented this. Please team, implement better SCORM reporting as it’s important we know how our users are answering questions!!!

  • lesson_location (where learner left off)
  • suspend_data (bookmark with the specific information e.g. paragraph)
  • lesson_status (pass, fail, complete, incomplete)
  • session_time and total_time
  • score_raw (score learner got)
  • mastery_score (passing score)
  • interactions (individual answers to exam questions, time spent etc.)
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Further: An Adapt course I still have in Moodle gives me a tonne of SCORM data from my course - is this replicable in Evolve? I can’t really move this course into Evolve until we can get the same level of data out - as we rely on seeing what answers have been provided… Not all of it is useful but I’d rather have too much information than not enough?

cmi.core.lesson_location 56373f316d4ba25408954a4a
cmi.core.lesson_status passed
cmi.core.score.max 100
cmi.core.score.min 0
cmi.core.score.raw 100
cmi.core.total_time 56 minutes 1.74 seconds 5655ed0972645aa409b0ee7b
cmi.interactions_0.result correct
cmi.interactions_0.student_response SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
cmi.interactions_0.time 20:25:34
cmi.interactions_0.type fill-in 563740d6a9e5fa401820ca86
cmi.interactions_1.result correct
cmi.interactions_1.student_response 2
cmi.interactions_1.time 20:41:47
cmi.interactions_1.type choice 563b390413230e04144b579e
cmi.interactions_10.result correct
cmi.interactions_10.student_response 1,2,3,4
cmi.interactions_10.time 20:53:01
cmi.interactions_10.type choice 563a491313230e04144b5792
cmi.interactions_11.result correct
cmi.interactions_11.student_response 2,4,3
cmi.interactions_11.time 20:53:58
cmi.interactions_11.type choice 5655909195343320115853ac
cmi.interactions_12.result correct
cmi.interactions_12.student_response 4,3,1
cmi.interactions_12.time 20:54:17
cmi.interactions_12.type choice 563b390413230e04144b579d
cmi.interactions_13.result wrong
cmi.interactions_13.student_response 1,4,3,2
cmi.interactions_13.time 20:55:00
cmi.interactions_13.type choice 563b390413230e04144b579e
cmi.interactions_14.result correct
cmi.interactions_14.student_response 2,1,4,3
cmi.interactions_14.time 20:55:19
cmi.interactions_14.type choice 563a491313230e04144b5792
cmi.interactions_15.result correct
cmi.interactions_15.student_response 2,3,4
cmi.interactions_15.time 20:55:53
cmi.interactions_15.type choice 5655909195343320115853ac
cmi.interactions_16.result correct
cmi.interactions_16.student_response 1,3,4
cmi.interactions_16.time 20:56:16
cmi.interactions_16.type choice 563b390413230e04144b579d
cmi.interactions_17.result correct
cmi.interactions_17.student_response 2,3
cmi.interactions_17.time 20:56:30
cmi.interactions_17.type choice 563b390413230e04144b579e
cmi.interactions_18.result correct
cmi.interactions_18.student_response 1,3,2,4
cmi.interactions_18.time 20:56:44
cmi.interactions_18.type choice 563740d6a9e5fa401820ca86
cmi.interactions_19.result wrong
cmi.interactions_19.student_response 3
cmi.interactions_19.time 21:00:06
cmi.interactions_19.type choice 563a491313230e04144b5792
cmi.interactions_2.result wrong
cmi.interactions_2.student_response 4
cmi.interactions_2.time 20:43:16
cmi.interactions_2.type choice 563740d6a9e5fa401820ca86
cmi.interactions_20.result correct
cmi.interactions_20.student_response 2
cmi.interactions_20.time 21:00:32
cmi.interactions_20.type choice 563a491313230e04144b5792
cmi.interactions_21.result correct
cmi.interactions_21.student_response 4,2,3
cmi.interactions_21.time 21:00:44
cmi.interactions_21.type choice 5655909195343320115853ac
cmi.interactions_22.result correct
cmi.interactions_22.student_response 1,4,3
cmi.interactions_22.time 21:01:09
cmi.interactions_22.type choice 5655909195343320115853ac
cmi.interactions_3.result wrong
cmi.interactions_3.student_response 1,5,6,3,4
cmi.interactions_3.time 20:44:31
cmi.interactions_3.type choice 563740d6a9e5fa401820ca86
cmi.interactions_4.result correct
cmi.interactions_4.student_response 2
cmi.interactions_4.time 20:46:00
cmi.interactions_4.type choice 563a491313230e04144b5792
cmi.interactions_5.result wrong
cmi.interactions_5.student_response 2
cmi.interactions_5.time 20:46:13
cmi.interactions_5.type choice 5655909195343320115853ac
cmi.interactions_6.result correct
cmi.interactions_6.student_response 3,1,4
cmi.interactions_6.time 20:49:14
cmi.interactions_6.type choice 563a491313230e04144b5792
cmi.interactions_7.result correct
cmi.interactions_7.student_response 3,2,4
cmi.interactions_7.time 20:50:34
cmi.interactions_7.type choice 5655909195343320115853ac
cmi.interactions_8.result correct
cmi.interactions_8.student_response 3,4,1
cmi.interactions_8.time 20:50:56
cmi.interactions_8.type choice 563b390413230e04144b579d
cmi.interactions_9.result wrong
cmi.interactions_9.student_response 2
cmi.interactions_9.time 20:51:53
cmi.interactions_9.type choice
cmi.suspend_data {“lang”:“en”,“a11y”:false,“completion”:"-111111111111111111111111111111111110111111111111110101101111111011011011010010101",“questions”:“CIE6IFhAkQDgx8KBJOiBYQZEA4MfCgHXogmIABMBAA4MfCgGXogmIARMBAA4MfCgPoohaUDAABAAKQwAEMgCDgx8aUDIAWKIJiAArAQAODHw4Is”,"_isCourseComplete":false,"_isAssessmentPassed":true,“assessment”:{“cardholder-present”:[1,3,3,3,0,{“563740d6a9e5fa401820ca86”:true,“563a491313230e04144b5792”:true,“5655909195343320115853ac”:true,“563a4da713230e04144b5795”:null}],“cardholder-not-present”:[1,3,2,2,0,{“563b390413230e04144b579d”:true,“563b390413230e04144b579e”:true,“563b3f3313230e04144b57a2”:null}]}}

Hi there - I am wondering if you have found a fix to this issue at all?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, this is something we have currently got planned as part of our product roadmap. But thanks for raising this as we take feedback into consideration when planning product development.


Hi - can I please clarify if this is on your roadmap or not as the sentence does not really make sense? I am having terrible trouble extracting data from a SCORM 1.2 version package into an LRS. I do not use Bloom LMS either.

I don’t really want to change Authoring tools but if we cant get the data out it is a bit of a waste of time.

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Is there any update on this? It would be really useful to have SCORM interaction reporting. Can this be added to the product roadmap?



Is it possible to know if this has been added to the roadmap and an estimated delivery date?
My employer is asking for details of interaction data and i’m having to disappoint them but unable to explain when we are likely to have this data.
I would also be interested to see what else is on the roadmap.

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