Reporting on Quiz Results in LMS

Hi, I’m new to using Evolve as an authoring tool and would like to understand what data from the quiz results can be reported on in the LMS?

I would like to download a report that shows us what questions colleagues have got correct and incorrect. Is this possible? And how would I go about setting it up?


Hi there!

Outside of the Intellum Platform, reporting on individual questions is limited. Which LMS are you using?

Thank you for your quick response! We are using Kallidus - Learn.

Edit - Just to add to this, I found a report in Learn that does track if a colleague has got a question correct or incorrect, but it doesn’t capture their response. Does Evolve report Student/Colleague Responses to questions?

Within Intellum we report out on all of this, but using SCORM, no individual question data is passed to any LMS. Only tracking data about the progression of the course, percentage complete and score of any assessment.