Resource items all download as "file"


I’ve noticed that if I use the Resources extension together with the Links component to provide downloadable files, the files all adopt the same filename. For example, a set of different PDFs will all be downloaded as “file.pdf”.

This isn’t great on a mobile, where the phone (on Android at least) will keep asking if you want to replace the previous “file.pdf”.

It would be great if the files could just keep their original names when they were uploaded!



Thanks Steve,

I have raised this as a request to be looked into - as that’s not ideal.

Thanks for posting!

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Hi Davey,

I don’t use the Resources extension because of this (unless it’s for links to web pages).

Instead, I create a folder locally named ‘resources’, which I then paste into the root of my published courses.

Within the course, I create a content item using the Additional Content extension and then I create links (using the Insert Link button) to the resources like so:


Hopefully, this helps :slight_smile:

Cheers, Barry