Filename disappears from downloaded asset

I am uploading a file (word doc) to the Resources section and then creating a link within a page to download the document. This all works fine but the original filename of the downloaded document is lost and replaced by ‘File’, which is not super helpful. Is this a known behaviour or am I missing a step in the process?



This is known behaviour, it’s to do with how the resources are stored on the server. It is possible to tell the browser to change the name of the file as it downloads but then it would have to be downloaded every time i.e. files like PDFs wouldn’t open in the browser. But I guess so long as that’s made clear it might be a useful addition to Evolve.

Hi Jeremy,

You can get a file to download with a pre-assigned filename if it’s a PDF. It is a bit of a faff though. I have to save the Word doc as a PDF, open it in Acrobat, open the document properties and add the filename I want in the document name property field. After that it’ll open in browser and download with my chosen file name.

Have a look at the Team Vision sheet in topic 2 of this course:

Many thanks both - at least is seems that there is a solution.