Download PDF (or other document) button

I am trialing Evolve and I would appreciate some help on “How to add Download PDF button”.

So far, I have tried:

  • The Attachment component (however this enables the learner to upload their content to the page)

  • The Resources extension (however, on the click of the button you are taken to the Resources extension)

  • Inserting a link

Is there any way I could add a document to the assets and then make it downloadable on the click of a Download button?

Many thanks!

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There sure is!

Enable the Resources extension and add your downloads to that.

Where you want your button, use the “Links” Component and when choosing your link, select “Internal link”, then for the Link Type choose “Resource items” and then finally the document you want the button to access within the Link Target.

Hope that helps!


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Thank you so much! I will try it straight away! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Helen
I’ve tried this as it was new to me and I thought it would be useful. However, when I click the button in the preview, it flickers and then opens the course page (not the document) in a new tab. What am I doing wrong?
Course ID is 623468b7611665096818c422

Hi Lesley.

It happened to me the first time I tried it on my own. It took me to Resources.
I added PDF as an asset (to Assets).
I had Resources extension enabled.
I added a Link component to the page, added a New Item and linked to the PDF that I downloaded.
This is my setup now:




Thanks Mon.
Reading your reply something suddenly clicked - I had added the asset to the resources extension, but not actually ticked it to enable it (perhaps this is something that can be improved in an update). I ticked it and now it works fine - thank you :slight_smile: