Linking to resource file directly with a hyperlink


I’ve been wondering if there is a way to directly link to a PDF file in the resources using a hyperlink. Our client doesn’t want the normal action button way of doing it, so we’re having to use hyperlinks. At the moment, my hyperlink is just #resources to take the user to the resource page. We’ve added instruction text to the link itself, but it could still be very easy for the user to not understand which resource they should be looking at. It would be ideal if there was any further code to add to #resources that would take the user to the first file or the second file etc.


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have you tried the “Links”-component?
Add a link item in the links component, and and switch the “internal link?” setting to on. You’ll be able to select something you’ve set up in your Evolve course. You can also set up specific resource items!


I managed to get this to work using hyperlinks that refer to documents within the course. I changed the hyperlink to “./courses/assets/en/[id]/file.pdf” and it seemed to work well :slight_smile:

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Maybe I wasn’t clear enough before, but you can set up the links component in a way that it opens a very specific resource item (like a PDF). So there is no need to change the hyperlink on your own.
You can also style the links component in different ways - it can look like an action button or like a normal hyperlink.

But as long as it works both options are viable :smiley:

Oh yes I know haha. I’ve used the link component many times. The issue was our client wanted to have the text hyperlinked to the file rather than using links or buttons, hence my rather roundabout way of doing things :slight_smile:


Talking about Resource items topic, could you please show me how can I add some resources to the course (for eg. I have a docx/ pdf file that I want to add a link to it using the Link component, I managed to upload it as general asset outside of the course but I don’t know how to make it recognized as internal resource of that specific course)

Sure thing!

  1. Switch to your specific course
  2. Switch over the the course extension (top left corner)
  3. scroll down to the ‘resources’ extension and activate it
  4. click ‘edit’ on the ‘resources’ extension
  5. switch to ‘resource items’ on the left side
  6. add a new resouce item
  7. you’ll be promted to provide information regarding the resource like title and description. You’ll find the option to pick a specific asset (like your uploaded docx) under the description box.

Once you’ve set up the resource item you’ll be able to use the link component.