No options displayed for resource link target

I have enabled the Resources extension and created several resources. When I add the Links component to my course and go into Items to link to a specific resource, nothing is displayed for me to select from. I’ve toggled “Internal Link” on, and selected Resource Items as my Link Type. I should see my resources listed in the Link Target box, but instead I get “no options.”

I can select Link Type “Extensions” and Link Target “Resources,” but that just directs me to the main resources page. I need to point to individual resources.

Update: I am able to target a document, but not a link.

Hi there, forgive me if I am misunderstanding the issue - if you want to use the links component to link to a resource that’s actually just a weblink - couldn’t you use the links component to link to it directly?

Okay, so I should toggle “internal link” off and then just enter the URL. I got confused by the fact that you can create a link in the resources extension, so I was thinking I would direct learners to a resource, regardless of whether it’s a link or a document.
Just curious, what is the purpose of having a link option in the resources extension?

The resources extension was available very early on in Evolve - it’s a way to gather any documents and links into one place for the Learner to Access.

The Links component came later and is a nicer way to link out to websites than just using hyperlinks in textboxes at any point in the flow of learning rather than a group of Resources like the extension.

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