Resources extension not showing

I’ve added the Resources extension to a course, and also added a couple of documents to it. But there seems to be no way of actually accessing the resources? I was expecting a new icon to appear in the top navigation bar, but all I see are the Back to Menu button at left, the course title/icon in the middle and the Course Navigation button on the right.

What am I doing wrong?

The Resources menu icon appears in the Side Navigation as standard, so if you don’t have the sidebar turned on you won’t see it.

Another option is to have an Action button that links to the resources section within your course.

So the only way to have Resources available throughout the course is to enable the sidebar? BTW globally accessible resources are being requested by my client in order that users can access supporting documentation from anywhere in the course.

Regarding using an Action button I can’t see any option to show the Resources either in the Behaviour | Button action dropdown, or as a Trigger Action.

Ah no sorry - what I meant was you wouldn’t have seen it appear it if you didn’t have the sidebar on. But you can move it to a menu within the Top Bar.

Go to your theme, into Navigation and then turn on the “Use Hamburger Menu” option and Resources will appear in a menu at the top rather than in the sidebar.

It’s a Links component too, not an Action button, my bad! Choose Internal Link within your link item and then select Resources from the Link type.

Hope that helps!

Thanks - that works!

Is there a way of changing the Hamburger Menu icon other than editing/changing the icon set? As it’s only showing the link to Resources it would make sense to use a more appropriate icon to avoid confusing the users.

That’s true. You can change the icon for Resources itself again under Extensions in the Theme, but once it is inside the hamburger menu then that can’t be changed. It’s because all extension items sit in the same menu, and it doesn’t discriminate at the moment between 1 or many resource items.