Link to item in resource tab

My client wants me to upload a PDF to the resources section but also link to it in the main course. Any help on how to do this?

You can create the PDF and upload it to a shareable site, i.e. Box, DropBox, SharePoint, and make it accessible for anyone. Link the PDF when creating the item in the Resource Extension. You can perhaps add a link to the course on the PDF, so that when the user clicks on the link, the course opens for them again.

However, I would caution your client that if you set the link to the PDF to open in a new tab, there may be no value in adding a link back to the main course as it never closed.

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Hi Steve,

The Links component is perfect for this. Add the component where you want the link to the resource item, go in and add an item inside it, and for its setting choose “internal link”.


Click select item under Select Internal item and then choose “Resources” from the type dropdown.


Finally choose the resource you need the link to link to.

Does the resources tab have to be enabled for this to work?, or can they view the PDF as long as it is an item in resources?

Hi Sarah,

Yes believe it does have to be enabled for you to view items in the Resources area. But link can link to anything standalone outside of your in-course resources.