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Hi, I am wondering it anyone can help me. I have a standard template document and I would like to add a ‘download your file’ option for learners so they can download the document as a pdf.

I cant figure out how to do it- I simply want to add the button at the end of the document, learners click it and the document downloads.

Any help is really appreciate

Thank you

Hello Melanie,

This same question was just asked… Take a look at


I have the same issue with adding a download button so the participants can download their answers. I have gone into the link in your reply but it is still not working. Can you give instructions on what to do please? Preferably without linking it to the resources if this was possible.

Thank you.

Hi Donna,

So the only thing you can make into a download is data from Open Inputs. This can be then downloaded by using the Reflection Extension.

We have more on this - (apologies for the old interface shots - they will be updated in future)

Hope that helps!