Menu Item Title

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this…I know I’ve controlled this menu title before, but I don’t remember seeing a setting to have it come before the image in a box menu?? How do I fix this so the menu title is below the image??

nevermind figured it out

How did you do it? I looked everywhere. When I added an image with box menu it automatically went above the title…

Its the very last option on the box menu settings tab, in the main course settings panel.

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D’oh! It’s always where you last look isn’t it!

THanks :slight_smile:

I have a question… how do you add the images to the boxmenu in the first place? I can’t find the option? (newbee here)… Thanks.

Hello MrBrown!

Make sure you have gone to Extensions and switched to the Box Menu, then return to your Course Builder page.

Choose Build section/page on each of your topics in turn, and in each one, select the edit icon in the heading at the top as seen here.

On the left menu of the edit page, select Box Menu Item and pop your image in under the top item “Box Menu Item Image”

Great thanks… was a bit buried… but got there in the end. Thank you.

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