Hero Image Text Title on Pages vs Menu Hero Text Title

Hi all - I’m trying to figure this out… I set the title text position for the menu Hero Graphic… to appear bottom left. But I want to position this exactly the same at page level. However the page level hero text appears slap bang in the middle of the hero image and I’ve no idea where this is positioned. Can’t see the same parameters in the theme… (I’ve had to edit this post three times to make sense :slight_smile: )

Does anyone know how to style this? I’ve done the Menu Hero text in the Theme, but I don’t know how to apply the same for the individual pages? Losing my mind here…



At least you still have some mind left to lose :slight_smile:

OK - any chance of a quick screenshot so I can visualise what you mean?

OK - Her you are… I’ve blurred the images but you can see what I mean here… one of them is the Topic Menu and the other is a page from that menu… hopefully it makes sense. I’m trying to get the Navigation Icons title to sit the same as the Menu title… hopefully this makes sense. Thanks D

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Just ignore the fact I also have the header in there… that, may be removed depending on how this goes :wink:

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Hmmm now that is odd - I added a menu hero image to my menu and then one to my page and they are both centre aligned by default. Wondering if you have a setting in your theme somewhere that is aligning it.

What do you have on your Page hero image under Hero image title and body container layout?

Yeah it’s weird… I’ve just been back into the course to put those titles back in and all the styling I had, is no longer associated with the titles. I find one thing… then take a break, then never find it again… it’s like Davey Jones locker this thing :slight_smile:

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I think looking at your screen shot that I’ve not had the Hero Image title body container laout - set to bottom left… though… Thanks. Just need to figure out now where all my styling went… grrr… :slight_smile:

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I’ve finally sorted it out… thanks for your help Helen :slight_smile:

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