More control over title visbility


Not sure where to put this as it’s a bit of a feature request.

Whilst I see the benefit of the Display Title in a Topic being seen in the header of the page and also the side menu I think there needs a little bit more control.

As an example:

The “Display Title” in the general settings of a topic is seen on the box menu, on the head of the topic page but also in the side navigation menu.

I’m using hero titles at the top the topic so I dont add any title in as I dont want to see the title twice. However now I have no title on the box menu or in the side navigation.

I’ve resolved the issue for the box menu by using the description text box and editing the font so it is correct. Trouble is there is no way to make the title appear in the side menu.

Note, this is only an issue when going to topics as pages have the ability to hide the header. Again, you still have to play with the text in the description option but at least the title is in the menu.

Hope that makes sense.

This needs to be updated, its a pain. As I have the title for my pages embedded in the hero image but also want the titles to come up in the side menu.