Progress menu uses component display title?

The sidebar which contains progress checks - the articles and components you include in it seems to rely on using the display title of that item? A lot of my components need to be in progress but I don’t want a display title on that item. Is there a workaround?

Also, this seems to have change recently - am I right? Looking at a past published course on a site, then comparing with the preview in Evolve it is showing things differently, despite me not changing the content.

Hello @hbailey please could you raise this with support please as we think this may be a bug.

Did do :slight_smile: Apparently it’s a feature - and can be changed…

At the bottom of the Behaviour tab in the Progress extension there is a new toggle called “Use Article/Component Title Fallback?”. If you turn that on it will use the normal page title if no display title is present.