Component/Block/Article default title suggestion

First, fantastic job on evolving Evolve. I love the continuous improvements you’ve been making to the platform.

One thing that I’d love to see changed is with the Article/Block/Component titles - not the titles seen in the course but the “working” ones. I’d love to see the component titles (especially) auto-fill from the display titles.

For example, if I put in a Media Carousel component I get:


    Displaying in the Editor.

When I edit the component, I see:

Media Carousel Title
-Media Carousel Title (default)

Media Carousel Display Title
-Wrist Shots (user input)

I’d LOVE to see the Media Carousel Title default to the Media Carousel Display Title. So I’d see:

Media Carousel Title
-Wrist Shots (updated after I put in the display title)

Media Carousel Display Title
-Wrist Shots

Then if I want to add a different Carousel Title, I can (without changing the display title). THough >99% of the time I just want the display title in there.

So in the editor I’d see:

  • Wrist Shots
    Displaying in the Editor by default.

Right now, through pure laziness, I don’t change the component title, so in the editor, I don’t see anything but the generic names - which isn’t really helpful.

Love to see the same for Blocks and Articles too (but I work primarily with Component titles).

Not sure if anyone else gets frustrated by this or not, but every user I know does.




In addition (or as a quick fix) I’d love the ability to change the component/block/article name in the Page Builder window as a ‘quick edit’ option similar to what you get in WordPress.


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@Steve_Blane Yes agree with you on these points… We found that by not updating all the articles, blocks and components then the Paste function became impossible to use (as everything was named the same!)

One additional feature that we would love to see (and would save a huge amount of time) would be the introduction and automation of a Pre-fix Course code followed by the Title of the course …

We have a structure of Subject&Course Code > Course Title… ie. AD19-E101 - Getting the best candidate experience… it would be awesome if you could complete a field in Course Settings that would automatically update all articles, blocks and components with the correct pre-fix and concatenate the Course Title automatically … This would save a huge amount of time and ensure everything is correct and standardised across the system…

I love this suggestion, it’s one I made a long time ago so good to see others think it a useful idea.

Adapt has an auto-linkage from the component title to the display title which you can then unlink if you don’t want it, and edit as appropriate.

Here’s hoping we will see it implemented!