User Experience issues - use defaults

I see that beginners have huge problems when they start and I believe that using defaults would make things a lot easier.

So what do I mean? When users only enter a title and not a display title, simply copy the title into the display title so that something is visible. If a block is required but not added by the user, do not simply show nothing in the preview. Instead show a default block with the information that a block must be used. This way, the user gets immediate feedback. Otherwise they are pretty confused why nothing has changed.

The user experience is NOT good. There are no WYSIWG interactions when building content, so you have to keep going into live preview to see what changes. The custom themese are EXTREMELY clumsy to set up. Even just the initial view of the templates labeled “Cards” “Plain”, “flat” and “Standard” make no sense and each example basically looks identical so there is no way to know what makes each one different. Evolve - spend some money and resources on making the user experience better.