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I have created a box menu with additional pages for each box, when I click on a menu box item to go to a specific page there is an additional page that I get taken to before I get to that particular menu item page. Does anybody know of a way to turn that additional page off? So I get taken straight to the menu item page.



Hi Jay,
Sounds like you’ve got pages in topics. The front end box menu is showing the topics. The sub menu is showing the pages within each topic. There’s no way to stop this. Either, keep the structure as it is and make it clear to the user that there’s a main menu and a topic menu (I’d add footer navigation so once they’re into the content they don’t have to go back through the double menus). Or, get rid of topics and make the content long scroll on each page. Doing that will give a single box menu that jumps straight to the content.

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I’ve made a suggestion to the team in the past that there is some differentiation between a topic menu and a submenu - at least in the way you display “back to page” in the top bars, or some way we could indicate where you are. Breadcrumb trail maybe?

I have a course with say 8 topics, and each topic has 4 pages, that’s a lot of navigating around :slight_smile:


Hi Andy,

That was really helpful thank you for getting back to me, I managed to resolve it!


Hi Andy - Sorry to bother you but I’m also trying to find a similar thing. I would like a full page "Welcome screen with a button to “Start your journey”… this would take the user to the Menu page (in which I have 11 topics. Is this actually possible do you know? I try adding a page before the topics in the course builder but all it does is add it to the main menu as a page. I’m just trying to ascertain if its possible. If not, then I can just stick with the menu instead. Thanks, Doug

You can only do so much at the top level - you can’t build any interactive elements beyond the menu button(s). However, you can add text and images to set the scene. I’ve not constructed a course using the layout you are thinking of, but if I were I’d try a couple of things: start telling the journey story using the Box Menu and Menu Content Items options.

Or I’d build two courses and link the first to the second so the user jumps seamlessly, but that depends on the deployment environment allowing that to happen.

OK thanks for replying… I think I’ll stick with the menu as is… it’s for a public sector org, so don’t want to complicate things any further. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.

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Have you looked at Cover Menu, MrBrown?