Start page and box menu


We are building a course with multiple topics (pages) and will probably use the box menu for learners to access each topic.

However, we’d like the course to load on the first topic (page), not on the menu. Is that possible?



Hi Nick,

I’ve done this before using the Course Loaded event trigger. Somthing like this:

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That’s a nice simple solution - I was thinking of making duplicate pages, so the course loads to a page, then you navigate to a topic that has a copy of the page on - but your suggestion is much more elegant!

Thanks, Nick

It’s not perfect, but it does the job.

It’s also is a tad annoying when you develop the course, so my advice is deactivate the trigger until it’s needed.

Hi @nickwest

There is also this option - in the Course Settings under Navigation Bar there is an option to “Hide Course Menu”. This will hide the menu entirely though, so you’d have to use either Footer Navigation, Links or the Course Navigation extension to navigate around.

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