Paginated menu page


I am trying to set up a course where each topic within the course is paginated and so the learner navigates page by page.

I want there to be a main menu (box menu) that the learner can access each of the paginated topics.

I have set this up but there is a second menu for the paginated content - so now when you select the topic you want in the main menu, it then takes you to a second menu of the paginated pages.

Is there a way to get of this second menu, so that the box menu takes you directly to the first page of the paginated content? Either by deleting this menu or hiding it?

Hi @charlottebarkerdesq The Playlist menu is a bit closer to what you are trying to do - I have had a quick play around with it and it does eliminate the sub menus, but you would need to double check it is fit for purpose. In the other menus such as the box menu, I cant see a way to eliminate the sub menus.

Thanks Sam. Could you explain a litte further how that works and how you set it up to not show the sub menu?

Hi, I set up a course with 3 topics, each with a page of content - the links on the menu go straight to the page. If you have multiple pages in a topic, they stack vertically on the menu (this is with the default settings for playlist, I haven’t created any Groups or Categories). Have a play, it might not be suitable. Otherwise I dont think what you want will be possible unfortunately.