Importing Courses

Hi all

I have some old courses, created back in 2019 I think.

I’ve tried importing them, but I get an error saying they need to be V6 or newer.

The import screen says v2 onwards is fine. Has this changed, or is something else going on?

Thanks in anticipation…



Hi Rob,

It should be fine to import those courses. You can check your course version if you copy and unzip the zip files and check inside the Course folder, inside config.json.

Just checking with the devs if there’s a way we can get the courses loaded. We will also update the v2 on the update screen - oopsie!

The devs have given me a cheeky way to get your course(s) uploaded.

Unzip the course, open the config.json and change the _evolveVersion property to 6000 then zip the contents back up and try importing again.

Let me know!

Hi there

That little work around did the trick. Thanks to you and the Devs!


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