Course Translations - URGENT help needed

I have a course which needs translating to French, German and Spanish. I set the XLIFf file to be translated and they have come back as a SDLXLIFF file and evolve doesnt seem to be accepring the format. is this correct?

I did try changing the extention nack to XLIFF - Evolve then identifies the file but I get an Import error which says ‘Translation file does not contain a course id’

Any help on this would be very mcuh appreciated.


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Hi Luke,

Evolve will only support and read in files in the same format as they went out, so XLIFF. Having had a quick search, it seems that SDLXIFFs are files containing extra content in them - hence why Evolve cannot process them. You will need to go back to the translation firm and ask them not to change the file format or add any extra content in, otherwise it will not be possible for Evolve to read and apply it.


PS: For any urgent or operational enquiries or issues with Evolve, it’s best to contact rather than post in here, as they can give you more specific help.

Hi Helen

Thanks so much for your input. I have managed to get the French version to import as I went back to the agency and had them provide the XLIFF version but I’m struggling with how to view the French version in preview mode. Would you know how to do this?

Kind regards

Hey Luke,

Go to Versions > Language Version, select the pencil edit icon by the French Version and then edit and preview in the normal way.

You have to switch between versions to be able to use them.

Thanks Helen. That worked :slight_smile:

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