Multilanguage / Course localisation


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I’m opening this discution topic, to ask about a feature that is not yet available in Evolve (which is an excelent tool btw), but which I believe should be made available as soon as possible: The multilanguage / Course localisation option. :slight_smile:

This feature is available in the Adapt Framework since 18 October 2016, and it seems only logical that it should be incorporated into Evolve.
I can only speak for me and my company’s behalf, but this modality is crucial for us, as our clients are spread worldwide and require multilanguage courses.
The requests are multiple and we need to deliver.

I’ll wait for your feedback and your updates roadmap.

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Does Settings> Language versions not do the job for you?

Hi @Bruno , a little bit late but it seems like this has not been implemented, yet. We are in the phase of choosing a Authoring Tool and this is the only big disadvantage compared to other tools on the market. How do you manage multilanguage courses?


@MikeM Evolve does indeed have language versioning and translation options built-in as seen below and has done for a while. If we can help with a demo or any other details do say!

You can read more about Translations here: Translate a Course : Intellum

I got freezes and time-outs when trying to export XLIFF files from most of our courses.

I presume that’s because our courses are considered “large,” relative to course sizes mentioned in your Help Center and such.

Is there any way around this at all? A lot of the translation companies we have approached claim that they can open SCORM files when it turns out they obviously can’t a couple of e-mails later.

Giving them an account on our LMS is not a very efficient way for them to extract text and such.

Hi @hbailey,
thanks for you reply and excuse my belated one. Yes, I am aware of this functionality but from users and administrators perspective, this is more complicated to what we see in other tools. It would be much easier to have on multi-language course afterwards and not one file (SCORM,…) per language. In our LMS (Cornerstone) we would need to upload each language separately and users would see one course per language and not only one course with an included language picker.

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