Localisation/Translations of courses multiple SCORM vs one SCORM package

I am creating language versions of the course. I was planning to publish individual SCOMR packages - one for each language.

The client mentioned creating a single SCORM package that includes all language versions of the content. Within the package, it provides options for learners to choose their preferred language.
Is there a way to do it in Evolve so that the features within the course interface can dynamically load content based on the learner’s language preference?


Hey there,

It would be easy if a smallish course, but note that if the learner goes between multiple languages, they may not complete the course according to the completion criteria.

You could create all your translated versions, make sure to label all pages with their language and to have self-contained navigation which moves learners between the pages, then use the Paste function to paste the pages from the language versions into one big course.

Turn off the menu and any whole course navigation from that course, and add one new page at the start, on which you have an article containing your method of Language chooser. Attach Logic to this component directing the learner to the first page of the chosen language.

You may want to also include a button to return to the language picker, and make sure that you set the completion criteria to be based on a variable, then set that variable in each language part according to what you want the completion to be, otherwise if you set it on completion of components, say, then it will never ben complete if they pick Spanish and it’s expecting completion of a component in the French part.

You’ll also need to set Course Completion in the course settings to Logic Completion for that to take effect.


Just watch out for languages that read Right to Left. I don’t think this method would work in those cases since RTL is a setting toggled globally rather than per-page or per-topic.

A full language selector extension would be super useful.


I’ve built several multi-language single scorm packages. Ruppers is correct that you cannot mix RTL and LTR languages.

There are areas where you need to be creative in supporting multiple languages—most notably system dialogues and global buttons.

I’ve used the box menu as the language selector, and the pages in topics are the language-specific menus.

Depending on the client’s requirements, I’ve used a few methods for completion criteria. The easiest I’ve found is to have a component at the end of each language with one piece of logic set to complete the course on “any” rather than “all”. The other option I go with is using points.


Thank you so much for this suggestion. I appreciate your help, Helen. :slight_smile:

Apologies for replying so late. Thank you so much for sharing!