Publish course to multiple SCORMS by page

I’d like some functionality that allows me to publish a course to multiple SCORMS by page for use in my LMS. Sometimes I like to control release topics to my students in my LMS. Currently, the only way to accomplish that here in Evolve is by hiding all the pages except the one I need and then publishing. It’s quite tedious. Also it always includes the course title and description which I don’t need for each SCORM.

@MrCreightonD apologies if I am misunderstanding the issue - do you mean separate one page courses that can be like mass published in one go?

Not exactly that. More so creating a single course that is comprised of multiple pages. Then exporting each page as its own SCORM. This way I can add each SCORM as its own module in my LMS and my teachers can release the modules to students on an as needed basis.

I think the only way to do that is to create separate one page courses. It would equate to the same experience I think. They would need to be published and uploaded separately, but they could all have the same theme, and course attainment and assessment extensions could be set on each page as necessary, so each page would mark as complete for learners etc.

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