Multiple assessment pages within one course

Hi, I’m creating quite a large course, broken down into folders and then pages. I would like to include an assessment at the end of each folder (3 or 4 in total) to check each separate learning outcome has been met. Is there a way of configuring the course assessment to ensure each assessment has been passed in order to pass the course in it’s entirety?

Hi Emily,

First of all, you can only have one official “Course Assessment” inside Evolve, the reason being that you can only pass one Score to SCORM LMSs.

The alternative is to set up each of your “assessments” as a page of questions as you suggest, then use Logic to determine which of the questions have been completed correctly, and then set up a trigger to determine when the necessary questions have been answered. This would need a fair bit of work.

An easier alternative, if you’re just asking simple MCQ or GMCQ questions, would be to use a Branching Component to hold all your questions for each “assessment” - and then add a trigger saying that once all 4 of these have been successfully completed, your course is then complete.

Hope this helps a little?

thanks for this - I think the branching component could work for the first three topics and then I can lock each topic and set them to unlock on passing the branching component “assessment” for the one before it. I’ll then make the final topics assessment the main course assessment.

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