Heading tags in infographic

Hi. Does anyone know if there is a way to set heading tags in an infographic?

It seems that this is critical for these blocks to be properly interpreted by a screen reader.

Hi @Mitch, heading tags are set dynamically and automatically - the H tag is assigned depending on what headings exist on your page. Do you have an example where there’s an issue with it?

Hi Sam

I am referring specifically to infographics. Infographic items do not have a field for headings text, at least that I am aware of. Are you saying that the heading tags in Infographic components are automatically assigned? If that’s the case it doesn’t appear to be happening in my courses.

My question is whether or not there is a way to assign headings tags within an infographic?

Hi @Mitch apologies for misunderstanding. I see what you mean now - because the infographic items don’t have a title field, they aren’t assigned heading tags. It’s not possible to manually assign them. It’s an interesting point though. I will talk to our developers and see what they say.

Thanks Sam. Would you mind confirming if there is any work around? This is a bit a deal breaker in my current project.

Hi @Mitch, the best way I can think of would be to substitute the infographic for a hot graphic, which has title fields for the items. cheers-Sam

It’s kinda hacky @Mitch but you could add the desired heading tags in the components.json file after publishing if you really needed to go down the infographic route.

Probably safer to do what Sam said if that works for what you need : )

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The answer is to use Aria labels to apply the heading attributes.

This feels like information that should be available somewhere.

Hi @Mitch we will be doing an update to Evolve in the coming months that will contain in app indicators advising which components and extensions are suitable for accessible courses that should make life easier.