How to customise or disable an infographic component's alt text?

Is there a way to make an infographic, or a text item on an infographic, invisible to a screen reader? Or is there a way to change the alt text? I have a labelled map as an infographic, with each label as a separate text item, and I don’t want a user with a screenreader to hear every label read out.

I’ve tried the “Allow Focus on All Items” setting, I am still able to make my screenreader read the text items even when they’re set to Static.

I realise it might be impossible in general to make text on website that a screenreader will ignore, but I thought asking was worth a shot. Thanks!

Hi @wario I’m not sure it’s achievable with an infographic. Might just a graphic with the labels as part of the image work? That way it could have a single alt tag.