Are infographics more accessibile than simple images?

When I have a diagram to recreate is it better for accessibility to;
a) ask the graphic designer to create an image of it and present it as a Graphic component
b) ask the graphic designer to create an image of the background and create the labels of the diagram in an Infographic component?

My assumption has been that the Infographic is more accessible. Am I right?

Hi there,

This from our accessibility guru - “Infographic, definitely. And even if you cant screen reader test yourself, make sure it’s been set up in a logical order - eg set the focus outline colour in theme > course > accessibility, and tab through the interactive elements to see the journey through it and that it makes sense. Include any info the screen reader user may find helpful navigating through it (extra context, instructions on what to expect) in the component level aria label, as that is the first thing they will hear.”

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I think it partly depends on the complexity of the diagram. If it’s something you’re able to sum up in at most a couple of sentences then a graphic with a well-written ARIA label/alt text will do the job just fine. If it’s more complicated than that an Infographic may well be the better way to go.

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