Course hangs/crash on LMS while viewing video

We have developed an e-learning course for our client. We have received a critical issue from the client. Refer to the following email for the course hang issue:

The issue occurs when videos are played, resulting in the course crashing and sometimes the LMS. The issue is inconsistent but has been replicated by various people, including our team and your team.

The course is published for SCORM 1.2. Package size: 240 MB. The course has multiple videos.

Please help us to fix this issue.

Hello Ravidra - this is more of an issue for our support team to help you with - if you could please send these details to along with a link to the course in Evolve, they will be able to diagnose any reasons.

Thank you.

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Typically with something like this it’s down to either the encoding used on the video files or some kind of configuration issue on the end user’s browser/computer.

For example, I’ve seen the Hardware Acceleration setting cause problems before, affecting playback of all videos in the course. Note that I’m not saying that’s the issue here, just giving it as an example of how it can be something outside of the course that’s the source of the problem. Similarly I’ve encountered an issue where the problem turned out to be a bug in the computer’s graphics drivers.

If some but not all videos are triggering this I’d say it’s more likely to an encoding issue; if it’s all/any video then I’d be inclined to suspect a browser/computer/driver issue.

Note that Evolve doesn’t actually have its own video player, it uses the one that is built into the web browser. So all Evolve is really doing is telling the browser’s video player to play/pause/seek etc.