Certificate name field

Hi all

I have an issue where the name field on the certificate is showing as:
Name: undefined Jo Bloggs

Is there a setting I’m missing.

Our less than helpful LMS provider are saying its all the fault of the SCORM.

Any thoughts would be most welcome!


Does it read ‘Undefined’ if you test it on SCORM cloud Rob?

Just guessing here but have you tried changing the Learner Name Format to Space Separated instead of Comma Separated? It’s in the custom publishing options after you toggle ‘Export as SCORM package’.


Just to add a bit more detail… the SCORM 1.2 spec states that the LMS should return the learner’s name in the format ‘Lastname, Firstname Initial’ (AKA ‘military format’).

The SCORM 2004 spec, on the other hand, doesn’t specify anything about the name format. Which is sensible since assuming that a learner will have both a lastname and a firstname is a classic mistake… But does mean that for SCORM 2004 it can be a a bit of trial and error finding out what the correct format is.

If it helps, when running the course on an LMS you can open the browser’s developer tools to see the communication between course and LMS taking place, this will let you see exactly what format the LMS is using for the learner’s name.

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Thank-you both - I’m making progress.

The tip regarding the first name / last name or vice versa was also super helpful.