Learner personalization

How can I access the learner’s name in my course?

I would absolutely love to do this too - it can be passed easily from most LMSs into the course, so especially for certificate I think it should definitely display the name (with the ability to allow you to edit it if it’s wrong - but with a note to correct it in your LMS too!)

Team - can we make this happen please?!

That’s a good idea! We just did some work on this for our firebase ‘storage’ extension - I’ll see what we can do in our next months release!


Date of birth is in our country also required for a certificate, maybe an extra entry field?

I wonder, a user can now download multiple certificates with different names. Is this a problem for more Evolve/bloom users?


This is what I have used before in adapt:

preRender: function() {


replaceText: function() {
var learnerInfo = Adapt.offlineStorage.get(‘learnerinfo’);

var fname = “Not connected”;
var sname = “to the LMS”;

if(learnerInfo !== undefined && learnerInfo.firstname !== “”) {
fname = learnerInfo.firstname;
sname = learnerInfo.surname;


this.model.set(‘body’, this.model.get(‘body’).replace("{{firstname}}", fname));
this.model.set(‘body’, this.model.get(‘body’).replace("{{surname}}", sname));


Thanks Helen. Can you share with me exactly what this code does?

Any update on this? Would be amazing to see it pull the name in so people don’t have to type it in. Will also stop people making certificates for their friends :wink:


Hello @hbailey this has been added to our list of enhancements. At this point it’s most likely to come in Q3 when we’re looking at some more general extensions improvements.

Fantastic stuff! Thank you!!!

Any updates on this? I noticed it as well and seems a little odd that the user has to input name if we already have it