Certificate - Remove name input box

Hi there,

I would like to remove the Name Input box from the Certificate download page and have been doing this manually after publishing.

However, this screenshot, taken from the Course Settings, Download tab, would suggest that Name Input box is optional.

Does anyone know if it can be turned off?

The LMS is populating the name on the certificate and I don’t want learners being able to add their (or other people’s) name.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Barry, I’m not sure if this helps, but from what you describe I wouldn’t use the certificate extension. I’d put the certificate in as a resource (assuming I’m not using resources for anything else), or stick it on AWS and put in a links component to open it from where I’ve put it. I’d then reveal the Link button using logic for whatever completion criteria is needed.


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Thanks for the reply Andy. I’ll bear this in mind in the future.

I don’t think this solution will work for me this time though, as I still want the certificate to have the learner’s name populated using the LMS. I just don’t want them to be able to change the name on the certificates download screen.

As the moment, I’m deleting the following code from the player.min.js:

o.createElement(“div”,{className:“ev-downloads-form ev-component-body”},o.createElement(“label”,{className:“ev-downloads-name-label”},o.createElement(“strong”,{className:“ev-label”},e.downloads.nameLabelText),o.createElement(“input”,{type:“text”,className:“ev-input-text ev-downloads-name-input ev-has-label”,value:e.username,onChange:this.onUserNameChanged}))),

This does what I want, but I’d like to think that I could simply set this Name input box from not displaying instead.

Many thanks,


Ah! Gotcha. Add it as a feature request maybe? I raised one a while back asking for a complete overhaul of the Certificate extension because there are so few styling options.


Hi Andy,

Just to let you know I’m also pushing for changes to Certificate and have put in my design ideas for at least a few small important changes - glad to have your input on this too. I used to go in and edit the JSON to make a better looking certificate!

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Hi Barry, if I dont want the learners to change their name on the certificate,

  • I disable the certificate dialog popup,
  • then use a logic to display an action button (on the same page or other specific place), and this button set to download a certificate.

Thanks Adam.

I appreciate your comment which I will check out the next time I use a certificate.

I’m too far into this current project to change the method now, but your suggestions looks great.

I’ll give it a go soon.