Learner Name Variable Adding an extra space

Hi All

I’m having issues with an extra space being pulled through with the learner name from the LMS (in this case testing in SCORM Cloud) when using the learner name variable setting in a course: It is adding an extra space before the learner name.

The learner name is showing the default value correctly, as in there are no extra spaces in the content input area.

This occurs whether we use ‘first name’ or ‘first name last name’

Any ideas what’s going on?


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I can confirm this problem. Is this a bug?

Hi, I can also replicate - I will consult with the team and log as a bug.

Thanks Sam, I emailed the support team earlier and they said it it was likely scorm cloud issue however we’ve got the same issue using an LMS too.

If you could drop them a message that would be super helpful :slight_smile:

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