Behaviour of a Glossary Extension

Is there any way so that the learner can remain in the same place on their course after they have closed the Glossary. At the moment , it seems the only way of closing the Glossary is by selecting the Back to Menu option, which takes you back to the beginning of the course - no good if you are just wanting to look up an acronym in the middle of a course.

Hi Jeremym,

I just added the glossary to my course and have multiple pages. When I clicked into the glossary from one of those pages I see “Back to Page” and on choosing this am sent back to where I was.

I wonder if your course maybe has a more complex setup?

Also did you know you can put in tooltips onto specific words/phrases in a text box so that you don’t need a full glossary?

In WYSIWYG editor:
In Live Course:

Many thanks for the feedback. Yes, I now get Back to Page option. As some pages are made up of quite a number of Articles it still requires a degree of scrolling to find your original place. The InLine tool tip is a neat approach. Thanks for pointing this out,

Yes not ideal to return to the start of the page and i have raised this with the development team who will consider alternatives for the future.

Hope the tooltip will go some way to alleviating your concern!