How to add Glossary?

I’ve added the Glossary extension to my course and created glossary items. But How do I add the glossary to the course? I don’t see it in components.

Hello @Tiffany_Walz - the glossary will appear in your course sidebar. It’s worth checking if you have a theme that the sidebar isn’t being hidden by the theme if you’re not seeing it on your course.

I have a related question… How do I style the Glossary?

Hello again MrBrown!

The Glossary colours and fonts will follow your standard theme, unless you turn on styling setting for extension pages in Appearance > Extensions Page. Then you can change theming for it in there.

And you can add a navigation button icon and header icon in Appearance > Extensions > Glossary

You can also find a few more settings in Extensions > Glossary

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Thank you Helen (again) it seems you are my guru in this program :slight_smile: :wink:

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Doesn anyone know if it’s possible to link text as a glossary term. I.E. the user clicks a word and it goes to that word in the glossary? Or is this beyond the scope of the tool? Just covering all bases to clear the expectation before I even start on the client work.

Thanks guys, you’ve been great

No that I have seen. You can add a link to a word in an article that takes you to the glossary PAGE, but not found a way to link it directly to the word itself yet.

You can also put TOOLTIPS on words inside body text (use the white i in a dark circle item) to add a tooltip style popup to any word - but these won’t link to definitions in the glossary - you will have to add the definitions in manually.


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Thanks… As I thought. I did manage to link to the Glossary page… but I used the url in the browser bar for that… so wasn’t sure if that would be exported with the course when published.
I have a feeling that the ID person will probably have descriptions for the words… so I’m thinking a tooltip might not be the best solution… and it would aslo be a manual task for sure. I think it’s fine for simple things, but for paragraphs? I’m not sure… I’ll just run that one past her.

Thanks again… :slight_smile:

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I have enabled “GLOSSARY” section and it looks a bit off. Can I reposition it properly? Is there a way to do it. Need suggestion?

Hello Shailesh - this looks like an issue with the line heights or padding you have set in your theme. Can you DM me your evolve instance name and we can take a look for you?

This was an issue with the Navigation Side Width setting in the image below was set to 370px wide. This is the width of the Nav Bar (which was turned off) and not the hamburger menu, so did not need to be set so high.

I amended this back to 40px wide and the side menu items will now be much better aligned.