Glossary access without sidebar


Is there any way to access the Glossary extension without turning the sidebar on? Can I put it into the top navigation somehow, or is there any way to make a link to it from the course content?

I don’t want to turn on the sidebar and take up screen space for the sake of just one link.



Sure is!

Make sure the glossary is active in Extensions. Add a Links component where you want your link to the glossary, and in the Item settings, turn on “Internal Link” then choose Extensions as the Link Type and finally Glossary as the Link Target. Make it a button if you like.



Also, if you leave the Side navigation turned on in Theme > Navigation > settings, but turn on “Use Hamburger menu” in the same settings, the sidebar will vanish and everything will go in a hamburger menu within the top navigation, which only opens when clickec.


OK that’s very cool. Thank you Helen!

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