Tooltip Glossary and Tracking

I’m researching various ways to build a glossary. The glossary extension won’t work because I’ll be using courses in inline mode with Exceed. I’m researching tooltips as a possible solution. Can tooltips created at a higher level than in the WYSIWYG at the course level? I’m thinking about them like an asset and want to be able to update many tooltips if a single word is later added to a glossary or a definition changes for already existing tooltips. Any suggestions?

I have a couple of “off-the-top-of-my-head” thoughts to share :slight_smile:

  1. Use an Accordion on a “hidden” page" and use a Link component set to Internal to navigate to that page
  2. Do use the Glossary Extension but instead of having the nav bar/menu turned on, link to it using a Links component, set to an Internal item and then choose Glossary under Extensions. I’d need to set that up to remind me how you can get back to the page you were on… I think maybe a link in the text at the top of the Glossary Extension page… lemme check.